Early Bottecchia (1969?) Fixed Gear Conversion Project.

First stages of stripping down early Bottecchia and cleaning frame and chrome.  Removed bottom bracket (what an ordeal that was) and repacked fork.  Ordering new Italian BB for it and digging up cranks soon.

As Found at Yard Sale
Closer Look at Surface Rust on Headset and Fork Crown

Bottecchia Cottered Crank (coming off soon)

Bottecchia Head Bagde - Pretty Clean Chrome Lugs and Fork Crown
Frame Cleaned and Chrome Polished

4 Replies to “Early Bottecchia (1969?) Fixed Gear Conversion Project.”

  1. I’m working on a similar project, old bottecchia ladies cruiser. curious about the bolts used connecting the pedal to the crank, because mine has these strange little locking bolts that mount the pedals on instead of the pedal itself screwing into the crank. Was yours similar in this way?

    1. No, I had standard three piece cotter pin cranks on mine. I actually switched those out and put a modern track crank on mine too.

      Send pics of the pedal. I am interested in seeing what they look like.


  2. hi, im trying to do exactly the same thing withe same frame, so far i have removed the BB and completely stripped the frame, where did you get the italian BB from? and did it work?

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