Phil’s Bicycle Frame – Complete!

Here are some shots of my second bicycle frame for my good pal Phil!  Paint coming soon!

Last cut and file work for the seat binder.
Last cut and file work for the seat binder.
New Cyclos alignment tools made these a snap to align.
New Cyclos alignment tools made these a snap to align.
Complete handmade frame in the Raw!
Complete handmade frame in the Raw!

Phil’s Frame Underway!

This is my second frame underway.  It will be similar to the first one except the size.  This one is custom for a friend of mine and is the first custom measured frame for me.

Drawing is complete… Lugs are all cleaned (inside) and tube notching has begun.



Complete Handmade Bicycle!

Took it on it’s first test ride on the W+OD trail! It rode surprisingly well for my first frame. Also took it into DC today and rode around the city without any problems.
Next on the list is to build another one without lugs. Plan on just doing some fillet brazing. Also want to tackle a fork (sorry for the Tange in the picture;).

Thanks to all my friends and family that supported my efforts!

Special thanks to Plum Grove Cyclery for their expert help, Campy frame tools and necessary build out parts. Could not have done it without them.

Special thanks to Rich Adams and Around Town Bicycles in Wilkes Barre PA. The have been very supportive and Rich was always willing to answer my emails.

I plan on doing a more verbose post about the whole experience soon…. stay tuned.

Practice Bicycle Lugs

Can probably never get enough practice on brazing lugs. Special thanks to AntBikeMike for sending me some practice lugs.

Bicycle Frame Complete!

First bicycle frame complete! I started working on the lug cleanup and will get ready for paint. I may clear coat it so I can remind myself later about the quality of the initial lugs/brazing.

All and all I am pleased with the way it came out. Clean up and test ride remains!. Will write up a longer post later about lessons learned and thanks to all that supported this effort.

Bicycle Frame – Seat Stay Bridge Installed

Last braze to be done before frame is finished (well finished all but the cleanup/eye candy). Cut left over seat stay to fit as bridge. Fixie so I don’t need a hole for the brakes.

Brazing Done! Also cut the seat tube binder! Frame Complete!

Bicycle Chain Stays

Chain Stays have been notched and the track style dropout has been brazed on.

Having a bit of a problem with the far chain stay as it hits the frame jig before it is seated properly against the dummy axle.

In the process of figuring out why the chain stay won’t fit the jig. Good chance I did something wrong… more later.

Bicycle Frame Front Triangle – Chain Stays

Front Triangle is complete. Head tube and seat tube have been reamed thanks to my friends at Plum Grove Cyclery. Working on the chain stays now. Have a bit of a problem with alignment in the jig….

Bicycle Seat Stays and Chain Stays

Next step in the frame building process is to figure out the rear triangle (I know, don’t have the main triangle quite done yet). This will be a track bike as you can see and will use a vintage style seat stay attachment flute.