Antique Bicycle Cable Machine

Here is a great device that I am still looking for info on.   What I do know is that it is used in the creation of brake and shift cables.  It has an attached cable cutter (Top left of photo).  Bulk spools of cable (without ends) would be used to create any cable length you need.


Once the cable is cut the end would be “crunched” into the dies shown here.  This process would create a very nice mushroom type end to the cable.


Cable End after “crunch”


This is where it gets tricky.  As of yet I don’t have any info on how the ends (primarily made of lead) would be attached to the cables at this point.  One thought would be that the cable with the mushroom end would be placed in a mold similar to a fishing sinker mold and the lead would be poured around it.

Other thought is that stock lead cable end were available to crimp onto the mushroom tip.

Still digging around for more info….

ALAN Frame Clean Up!

I have been spending some time cleaning up the ALAN frame (earlier post).  It is cleaning up real well and should be complete sometime in the next week.

alancleanMore pics… (sorry about the poor photography) but it does look much better than the pic make it look.


ALAN – Mid 80s

ALAN – anodized aluminum with some pretty wild lugs and drop outs.

Shimano 600 Front and Rear Derailleurs, SR Crankset, Campy Shift Levers

Bicycle Pedals – 1899

Some great early pedal ads circa 1899. The Ramsey pedal is really cool with it’s offset spindle. The Bridgeport No1 and No2 are killer rat trap styles as well. I think that we may be Bridgeport as in Bridgeport Milling Machine from CT but I have to investigate that some more. Enjoy!

A few more vintage bicycles…..

Pictured here are a couple of womens Schwinns. One Hollywood and the other a three speed. In the middle is a boys Columbia Newsboy Special. J.C. Higgins

1896 Bicycle Tubing

For all you tubing aficionados out there – steel is real!
Check out that seam!

From Bicycle News – 1896

1899 Frame and Shop Tools

Some more images from an 1899 Bicycle Supply Catalog

Tubing Straigtener – 1899

Scale – Weight has been Important for a long time:)
Wheel Assembly Tool

1899 – Frame Alignment Tool

Scanned from an original bicycle catalog. I will have other post from this and other turn of the century catalogs. Stay tuned for some killer brazing furnaces!