About Lincoln Smithy

Lincoln Smithy

This site represents a wide range of topics – I previously had several blogs:
lincolnsmithy.wordpress.com – My Sculpture
lelandcycles.wordpress.com – Bicycle Related
lowtechhightech.wordpress.com – IoT and other related IT rants

I have decided to harness my ADD in one place and took the plunge to host my own WordPress site via Google Cloud Services.

My Sculpture: Lincoln Smithy

I am a self taught metal sculptor who primarily works in found object and remnant steel. I grew up in the house you don’t want to live next to but I loved it.  Dad was a junk collector so growing up I was surrounded by metal “Art Supply” although I did not start doing sculpture until many years later.

As part of trade school I was lucky enough to experience all the trades and welding was one of my favorites although I settled in “Electronics”.  I always new I would get back to welding some day and back in 2000 I took the plunge.  I have been creating found object sculpture since then.

I don’t work from drawings (can’t draw very well).  I do sketch ideas from time to time but they never seem to come to fruition.  Instead I do lots of “pushing metal” around my shop floor.  I take the various found pieces and move the about in various ways and when I see something I like I start welding!  For this reason I do not do commission work.  That just does not fit the way I sculpt.

Thanks for your interest in my work and feel free to contact me via email for additional info.

Leland Cycles:


I have been collecting for more than 20 years, buying/selling/keeping all sorts of bicycle related items.
I am particularly fond of Iver Johnson Cycles ephemera and related items.  Tools, advertising, bikes, and sporting equipment. Most everything except guns (not that I don’t like guns mind you, just had to stop at some point).
Recently have been become interested in Vintage Lightweight bicycle as well. Working with the folks at Velo Classique in Purcellville VA I am learning a lot about the 70s, 80s and 90s vintage racing and touring style bicycles.


I have been fascinated by the handmade bicycle building process and have build two of them to date.  I don’t want to become a “frame builder” per say but I am having lots of fun learning about the process and refining my skills.


Bicycles have been important to me for most of my life.  Childhood memories, best friends, and my lifestyle revolves a lot around bicycles.  Collecting, riding, building, commuting and general  bicycle culture are important to me and I will share my experiences as such.  Tips, reviews, rants and raves and other bicycle revelations will be shared (whether or not you care).

Low Tech High Tech:

IoT and IT based ramblings: Arduino experiments, hosting and software services…yup ADD at is’t finest. This is a catch all site for sharing a wide range of topics from the physical to the virtual and some stuff in between.
I am no expert at any one of these topics but I am having a great deal of fun learning about them. Doing my best to share what I learn as I do. I am not an educator but do believe that sharing findings like this will help others.

John Raymond

I had the pleasure of working with Nancy Sanders on a video shoot in conjunction with the Art at the Mill folks.  She has done a great shoot of myself and many of the other artist that participate at the Art at the Mill show.  Thanks Nancy!

Thanks again for your interest in my work!


John Raymond