Random Acts of Art, Fab and Thread

Some recent goings on in the shop and in the craft room.

Practice Tubing Prepped

Dialed in the BenchMaster Mill and made a few practice pieces for Tig experiment. I am sure these will not look so good after the Tig experiment but looking forward to that just the same. These are 4130 straight gauge tubes 1- 1/8″ .035 wall notched at 90 degrees to to mate with 1-1/2″ .083 wall.

Sputnik Jig Setup

Experimenting with slotting tubing for dropouts on Sheldon Horizontal Mill.  Vise allows pass through for stays and keeps various diameters centered on slotting saw.  For tapered tubes the vise can be tilted to compensate and a round wire on the top of vee block makes for rigid setup.

Sputnik main tube fixture on the old horizontal mill.

Sputnik Chainstay Fixture on M22 Diamond Mill.

Another view of slotting setup.  Cut a bunch of straight 4130 to dial it in.  

Water Bottle Jig


Machined some vee grooves into some aluminum I had hanging around.  Will add drill bushings at some point but works GE for now.

650b Conversion


One old Peugeot Frame



650b Wheelset from Veloclassique


Removed old brake bridge to accommodate 126 Spacing..will replace later


Bag O Mafac brakes thanks to Veloclassique with canti brazon post


My makeshift canti post jig…more work to be done on the jig but should get me through.