More hat fabrication…

A combination of serging and stitching are applied to the raw materials.

Batch O’Hat

Cut pieces for 13 Hats
Post washer ironed Fat Quarters
Fat Quarters in the Wash

Started another batch of hats. I can typically get one hat per fat quarter. Wash, iron, cut then start the construction process. Those steps will be in next post.

Yankee No 991 Vise

Picked this cute little Vise with rotating base up at a local auction recently.

North Bros. Mfr. Phili. Pa USA

I know nothing about North Bros/Yankee Tools but did find this catalog image with the same vise on the cover circa 1930s. Looks like an additional jaw was available – one more thing to obsess about.

Headset Reamer/Facer Arbor

Chucked Up
Arbor Assembled
Arbor Disassembled

The final frame prep is complete for Alex’s dirt jumper. Made the arbor in the shop to accommodate the cutters and the lathe made easy work of the process. This cutter is for a 44mm headset.

Ode to the Czech Hedgehog

Inspired by some recent articles from Ukraine art community banding together to manufacture these ingenious devices to help fend off the Russian invasion. So simple in form and so effective. They have a look of defiance…