Foley Belt Sander Grinder Model 371

Nifty little 1×42Belt Grinder/Sander made by Rockwell for Foley.  It is basically the same as the Rockwell 31-350.  Freebie from a barn clean-out (Thanks MB!).  Took some scouting around for replacement wheels but alas a shout out to James Liechty ( who has sourced replacement pulleys and other parts for these and offers them at very reasonable prices.

Took her apart, cleaned up all the saw dust cake, installed new wheels for sanding belts, replaced one v-belt pulley, replaced the power cord (not done yet) and that was pretty much it. My initial thoughts when it showed up were it was pretty flimsy construction and the plastic wheels made me skeptical but all those thoughts have passed now that it is up and running.  Runs great, hit a few pieces of metal with it, no problem.

Refurbish Complete
Refurbish Complete

5 Replies to “Foley Belt Sander Grinder Model 371”

    1. Search Ebay – DELTA & ROCKWELL 1″ BELT SANDER GRINDER IDLER WHEELS — they should come up there.

  1. Did you replace the motor pulley or the forward pulley? Is your forward arbor metric? My forward arbor is 15mm. Looking for someone who has found a pulley source.

    1. I will have a look next time I go to shop…I do believe it was motor but not sure. I will measure the forward arbor on mine as well.

  2. Hey there. Forward arbor is 5/8″ on mine. If it is indeed 15mm maybe get a 1/2″ bore and drill it out to 15? Double check the diameter because the idler wheels would have to be 15mm too which will be even harder to find. Good luck!

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