Rivett 918s Cabinet Paint

Decided the cabinet was too far gone even for me:)  I generally like the as found paint but this was pretty far gone.  Leaving the lathe alone (for now).  To do that correct it would have to be taken down which is something I don’t have in me at the moment.  Lathe is working good so leaving well enough alone.

Greenfield Tap and Die (GTD) 1/2″ Self Opening Die Head

Not to be confused (as I did in earlier post) to the Geometric Die Heads.  After much digging around I have found tons of Geometric Die Heads, a few odd brands but nothing like the GTD one pictured below.

This GTD version seems to be adjustable over a particular range of diameters.  The markings on the chasers (the only ones with it) say 18 18.  Typical Type D chasers are specific to diameter and tpi – say 5/16-18 for instance.  This GTD version is marked 1/2″ so basically the 18 18 chasers would be useful for 5/16-18 and not much else I am afraid.

The D type chasers are available, yet to find the J Hook looking ones that are used in the GTD Model.

Garden Screen Mostly Complete

Have to cut down the legs a bit and find the exact spot (and actually take a better pic) but other than that this one is complete!

Found Object Garden Screen
Found Object Garden Screen Accent

Rivett 918s Initial Paint Removal from Base

In deep now.  Have the doors off the base, all sides initially stripped.  Probably won’t strip inards not the actual lathe unit as I don’t want to tear it down at this point.  More prep to do but making progress.


Couple of panel type projects in the works. Framed panel for garden and a found panel of heavy screen.