Phil’s Frame Underway!

This is my second frame underway.  It will be similar to the first one except the size.  This one is custom for a friend of mine and is the first custom measured frame for me.

Drawing is complete… Lugs are all cleaned (inside) and tube notching has begun.



3 Olives

Ode to the 3 Olive Martini
Still working on the base and the stem. Should be standing a bit higher.

Not Sure – Abstract Steel Sculpture

Latest work in progress. Primarily 1/2 inch steel plate and square tubing make up the sculpture which stand about 6 feet tall. Should be ready for the WLAST show.

Ode to David Smith – Spays over Tools

I was intrigued by David Smith when he did similar spays over found objects. These are simple studies of black spray paint on paper towels. I used a variety of wrenches and plan to add more found objects to the process.

I will get in touch with some of my paint friends and get a better paper source. These images are 11″ x 5.5″

Getting Ready for WLAST!

Couple of sculptures in progress. Interesting shapes I have been playing with for some time. Added the pipe to the cut out one and I am liking it a lot! More fabrication to come.

Fish Bones! Bent up a couple of fish worth of bones. Will get to fabricating soon.