Soap Box Derby – circa 1960s

I have had this piece for a while but finally got around to taking some pics of it.  It is a great early soapbox derby racer.  Shows some age but is a great looking peace.  Almost folk art in look.  “Rival Unchained” !!! Great name.


Still has last race banner attached.  Class A race!


Cockpit is pretty cool too.  Has a 60s auto type upholstery look.  Very cool steering wheel as well.


Ode to David Smith – Spays over Tools

I was intrigued by David Smith when he did similar spays over found objects. These are simple studies of black spray paint on paper towels. I used a variety of wrenches and plan to add more found objects to the process.

I will get in touch with some of my paint friends and get a better paper source. These images are 11″ x 5.5″

Hossfeld No1 Bender – Great Metal Bending Tool

This is a Hossfeld No1 Bender. I already have it’s bigger brother the No2 but I found this one at auction and could not pass it by. I may try to see if I can use it for bending bicycle frame tubing and bicycle forks. It being smaller than the No2 I think it might be easier/cheaper to make dies for it.

Close up – all necessary parts are with it including the bending yoke and eyelet bender for the top. See for details.

Sculpture Supply – Latest Drop Off

Here are a few items recently dropped off by a friend of mine. Love the tapered cylinder! It is actually a log splitter if you can believe that. Will make a nice piece of sculpture I am sure. More shovel heads too!

Slow Frame Building Progress

Not a lot going on in the frame building front. Working on getting an alignment table figured out before I can go much further. Will probably not get the frame complete by the time I go to the Handmade Bicycle Show in Feb.

Route 81 PA

Long story short – had a chance meeting with “Son of the Sculptor” David Hayes while traveling down rt 81 south of Wilkes-Barre PA.

I noticed (what at first I thought was some scrap – only because I was too far away) a pickup truck carrying a sizable sculpture. After tailing and otherwise harassing the person driving I convinced him to pull into a rest stop so that I could have a closer look. It was then I was introduced to “Son of the Sculptor” David Hayes.

We had a great conversation about his dad and his work and the efforts being taken to share this incredible collection with others. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of David and the book he shared with me. I have been telling this story to all of my friends and I am extremely grateful for the meeting.

I have included a link to his site that contains tons of information about him and his work. I hope you all take the time to have a look.

John Raymond

Post Studio Tour

Another interior shot of the studio. Taken shortly after the Western Loudoun County Studio Tour. The Tour was a great success. Thanks to all those who came out to meet me and see the studio. Have a look at the Purcellville Gazette article about the tour!