Not titled


Inspired by David Smith.  Stands about 7 feet.  Steel remnants up to 3/4 inch thick give it a substantial presence. 

Bottle Tree





Bottle Tree construction underway. 80 feet of rebar, 30 cuts, a bunch of bending and lots of welding make up this Bottle Tree. Holds 22 bottles.  Will update with bottles on it soon….got some drinking to do.

One more for WLAST

This is a a variation on a piece from last years tour.  Did not like the previous top pipe but this one is much better scale.

New Abstract – In Progress

I have had this around the shop for some time.  I just started playing with it again and added the pipe to it.  I really like the way it is going…. It might be done but I will stare at it for a while.


Three Olive Progress

Modified the stemware on the martini!  Mostly finished with a few final welds to make and then I will figure out what I want to do for the final finish.  I am thinking rust of course but I might get handy and lay down some paint.


Abstract Steel Sculpture – In Progress

A larger outdoor steel sculpture I started working on today. So far so good. The “balance” is right and scale seems pretty good. Just tacked up for now so I can continue to modify. To do: figure out topping it off and a few additions to the base. Stands about 6.5 ft. high and about 8 ft. wide so far.


A lobster I did for a good friend of mine in Maine. Sits proudly in front of his house with his buoy. He has been a lobsterman for over 40 years so I was not sure how he would react. Lucky for me he loved it.