Retired Tool – Part 1

Part 1 of a series of “Retired Tools”
Blacksmith Tongs, Axe Head and misc Bolt

Candle Stick Holders

In my search for junk (found objects)… I found these great industrial gear mechanisms and they make stunning candlestick holders.


“Farmer” stands just over 6 feet high. Made from leaf springs, cultivator parts, railroad spikes and of course a tractor seat.


Totem 2
Another totem type structure from Harrow Discs. I was a bit skeptical about doing another Totem but it is such a strong structure and the size difference made it feel completely different than the first.
Just over 4 feet


Simple harrow with interesting base
18inches High by 12Inches Wide

Farm Hand

Harrow Disc and Steel Bar
About 4 feet high
Rusted Steel (weld still fresh but will rust shortly)

More Fish

Another fish variation. Shovel head and split blade for tail.


Fish created from lawn mower blades and various cultivator parts.