Totem 2
Another totem type structure from Harrow Discs. I was a bit skeptical about doing another Totem but it is such a strong structure and the size difference made it feel completely different than the first.
Just over 4 feet


Simple harrow with interesting base
18inches High by 12Inches Wide

Farm Hand

Harrow Disc and Steel Bar
About 4 feet high
Rusted Steel (weld still fresh but will rust shortly)


A great sundial inspired sculpture I did for the Harmony Middle School in Purcellville, VA.

Amazing Gates

Custom equestrian farm gates created by a good friend of mine. Absolutely stunning! Gates are 11 ft each plus an additional 20 feet of panel work to fill in to the fence line.

Detailed View
Extreme Detail View

The entire project measures appox. 45 feet.This is the intial installation. Gates will be taken down and powder coated. Opening mechanism and such also yet to be applied.

Velocepede – Early Bicycle

Previous Untitled – In Progress

Velocepede – A light road carriage propelled by the feet of the rider. Originally it was propelled by striking the tips of the toes on the roadway, but commonly now by the action of the feet on a pedal or pedals connected with the axle of one or more of the wheels, and causing their revolution. They are made in many forms, with two, three, or four wheels.


Abstract work in progress…. Giddy-up for it’s horse-like qualities

Untitled – In Progress

A new abstract piece in the works. Stands about 6 feet tall with 24inch Circles.