Espotek Labrador – Open Hardware Oscilloscope

Got my EspoTek Labrador Oscilloscope from Crowd Supply.  It has been a long while since playing around with an Oscilloscope let alone an open hardware one like this.  Here is my first look:

Couple of shots out of the box

Connected to a bread board:  Not absolutely necessary but I would suggest starting with it.  Basically fits nicely on a standard breadboard.  Note, the pins for Power Supply and the Signal Generator and “Digital Outs” line up on the bread board for a pretty handy.  Do take care inserting into the breadboard as they legs are pretty long and I would say not exact but they do work.

Had to dig a bit for this but found the Pinout diagram – very helpful of course.  There are no pinout descriptions on the device itself or at least any legible ones for these old eyes so keep the PinOut link handy.

First, get oscilloscope software for your device at their github repo: EspoTek Labrador Releases and get it installed.  I had one issue getting the device to be recognized on my MacBook Air but a simple unplug/replug in the USB cable did the trick.  There may be a sequence to follow but I have not played more with is since it started working.

Have a couple of wires ready to calibrate it on startup.  The basic calibration process require (appears you ground out the Oscilloscope CH1 and CH2 to the USB housing).

Next I basically recreated the sample from their wiki Tutorial: Connecting a Simple Circuit to the EspoTek Labrador

Messed around a bit with the signal generator using the same circuit: Not sure what is going on with the Square wave but the other waveforms look accurate.

All and all pretty please with the Labrador Oscilloscope.  Will mess with the Multimeter and Logic Analyzer soon enough.

6 Day Race Photos – 1961

Recent photo scans from a 1960’s scrap book I bought a few years ago at a swap meet. Each of the photo’s have 1961 6 Day Race hand written on the back of them.  The pages of the scrap book indicate the same.  Judging from the rest of the “very interesting – more on that later” photos in the scrap book the race was probably in NY.

A 6 Day Race historian friend of mine immediately identified it as a “Portable Olympic Track” so it could be anywhere.  Rules out Madison Square Garden as was my first suspicion.  If was fun to find such great 6 Day Race photo’s it what is otherwise a pretty common family scrap book.  Enjoy.

Rivett 918s Second Tool Post

Created adjustable sub-plate for tool posts I picked up recently at the Cabin Fever Expo.  May need some additional modifications but has adequate travel to situate the form tools that I want to play with.  Simple plate with slots to allow adjustment over the work piece.  Don’t need much travel as the form tools will stay as close to the spindle as possible.

Tricky part of the second operation lathe is getting front and back tool post in sync.  Also, depending on some of the tools I use in the turret it require sthe cross slide to be pushed up pretty close to the spindle.  Hence they typically come with factory installed risers and corresponding tool post.


Rivett 918s – Added Knurling Capability

Brown and Sharpe 210-120 Knurling Swing Tool.  Nice addition for the Rivett 918s.  Takes 5/8″OD – 1/4ID – 1/4″ Width Knurling Wheels.  Came with the “fine” diamond (male or female tbd).  More wheels to come and and a bit more studying.  Great document for anyone playing with knurling  Reed Machinery – Knurls and Knurling has been a great help.

The swing tool is interesting.  The swing allows the placement of the knurl on the part to be flexible.  Single wheel limits patterns formed by multiple wheels but diamond patterns available so not a worry.  Initial test shown above – not too shabby.  Need to work on the push bar that contacts the swing arm, just pushed it with the cross feed plate for now.

Cabin Fever – A Few More Items

Cabin Fever Expo – Picked up a few Gems

Cabin Fever Expo is a great place to pick up all sorts of odds and ends.  The auction this year was great, the consignment area never fails to deliver and the vendors round it out with a huge variety of tools and tooling.


Riser Plate for Rivett 918s

Working out a t-slot riser plate for the Rivett.  With the tooling I am using in the turret it is hard if not impossible to get the cut-off tool close enough to spindle and keep the turret from running into the cross-slide.  The t-slot riser plate will allow enough freedom of movement to accommodate the shorter turret tools.

I have a few Brown and Sharpe Tool Posts for Square Tools – They may be a little big but I am going to figure out a riser plate to mount these with for shits and giggles.

Lamp Finial Prototype

Small project for the Rivett 918s – Well, nothing is small of course and relieved that the tapping operation for the 1/4 27 “standard/popular lamp harp thread” is working great.  This particular final blank is slated to have hand made marbles (not the ones pictured here – much nicer/larger ones coming soon).

Working with the Rivett Lathe is the most fun part of this prototype.  Created custom bushing for tapping tool (more on that later) and pleased with the finish on the turning operation.  Used ball end mill for creating concave “marble holder” – will experiment with sizes and such depending on marbles.  Lastly, will certainly change diameters and work on other contours as time permits.