Bicycle Frame Building – Finally!

I have been studying (for too long) handmade bicycle frame building but am now ready to start the real deal. Tubing is here, lugs are in, and frame jig is ready! Now it is a matter of time, patience and many mistakes before the first “Lincoln Smithy” Frame is made.
Practice Fillet Welds – just plain 4130 tubing from Aircraft Spruce (it’s cheaper that way) for practice. Learned all about notching and fillet brazing using this stuff.

Tubing – Thanks to Joe Bringheli. While I have only dealt with him for my first tubing purchase he as more than helpful and delivered real fast. I will be learning about tubing for the rest of my life from the looks of it.

Lugs – Joe was out of lugs when I called so I got these from Nova Cycle Supplies. Long Shin make them and as far as I can tell seem pretty nice. Like tubing, I will be learning all about lugs for a long while as well.

Finally for this post I got my Henry James jig up in the stand and will start getting acquainted with it soon. Great jig I was able to find used! Can’t wait to put it to use.

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  1. Looks like you are ready to start building your own bike. I would like to be your first customer. Hope to hear from you soon.

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