First Lugged Joint – Bottom of Head Tube / Down Tube

My first brazed lug! I bit more brass than I probably needed so the cleanup was a bit much. I do think that the penetration of the joint was good though. I did some cold setting on it and it did not flinch. Overall I am pleased with the newbie attempt.

Going to find a source for “blemished” lugs so that I can practice a whole lot without breaking the bank.

2 Replies to “First Lugged Joint – Bottom of Head Tube / Down Tube”

  1. Henry James sells “scrap” lugs for practice.I’m getting back at frame building after 10+ years out of the game…I’m looking for a used Henry James classic jig…where did you got yours?

  2. Found it used in PA. Was at the right place at the right time. Builder up there was buying Anvil jig to replace his HJ.

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