Bicycle Alignment Post

Got my alignment post back from a local machinist!  I had a piece of scrap stock from a front end loader that turned out perfect.  Drilled a hole in the table (well two holes, first one did not work out so well as the unpinnings of the table got in the way). Did some final measurement with a machinist square to ensure it was precise and all is good.

Bicycle Frame Alignment Post
Close up view of alignment post.
Alignment Post Mounted on Table
Alignment Post attached to Table
Alignment Post with Frame Installed
Close up of alignment post with frame installed.
Bicycle Frame Alignment Table
De Rosa Too Far Gone for Alignment but shown here to demonstrate the complete alignment table.

One Reply to “Bicycle Alignment Post”

  1. John,

    That De Rosa is so out of alignment!! A little buffing, and that crease will come right out 😉

    A friend of mine wants to come by and meet you, see the man-cave (he has a machine shop in his garage…in a townhouse). Maybe during WLAST.

    I’m putting the finishing touches on a Waterford R-22/Campy build…I’ll bring it by when it’s done.


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