Bicycle Fork Progress



Brazed in the drop outs.  Slotting was a bit tricky but went well enough.  Going to buy some stock for practicing that process more.

Next steps:  cut blades to length and test the fork jig my nephew built for me.

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  1. Did you use any flux at all? This joint is completely charred. Also, this fork bend is poor, which will cause most of the force to be applied to that small section of bend. I call it a dog-leg, like in golf. Ask yourself if this bend looks anything like any of the framebuilders you have listed here at the upper left? Practice your bronze brazing more before you really go at it with simple strap steel and 3.8th 4130 tubing and junk the hossfield and make a dedicated bender, it doesn’t have to be fancy.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, very helpful.

      Yes, I will work on the brazing. I did use flux but not nearly enough from what you are saying. I assumed (which may still be true) that I got it too hot that’s why it charred. As I have read more on the subject and per you comments I will not be stingy with the flux going forward.

      The Hossfeld experiment. Point taken. Learned a lot doing it though and have dies for other applications. The radius on the dies is way to small, hence the dog-leg. Have started working on another one already

      Again, appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

  2. Dave, sorry for the delayed feedback. Thank you for the flux! I have 16 feet of 3/8 4130 to practice on… now I am search of some time to get at it.

    Much appreciated!


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