Selle An-Atomica

Swapped out my old saddle to test ride a new Selle An-Atomica Titanico-X.  Thanks to Velo Classique and their handy Bici Support fitting tools that made swapping the saddles a breeze.  Not to mention Velo Classique has a test saddle (as shown) so you can try before you buy.





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  1. Saddle Review Disclaimer: everyone’s a$$ is different so the fact that I could try before buy was a treat. Follow up status of my Selle An-Atomica experience is just that “my experience”. Mileage will differ from rider to rider.

    Initial ride: just a short test ride from Velo Classique to ensure that the saddle was reasonably adjusted. The Bici Support tools helped a lot but I did need to set the seat back just a bit after initial ride. Your sitbones will let you know pretty quick if they are not riding on the seat correctly.

    Saddle felt good! Pleasantly surprised that the initial ride (been riding the San Marco on all my bikes for the last 20 years) on an all leather saddle was essentially as good, if not a little better than the San Marco that has been my go to for so long.

    Saddle is a bit wider/bigger than the San Marco so I did notice the edges when getting in an out of the saddle. Not unpleasant but noticeable.

    Will commute 13 miles each way tomorrow for a better evaluation but right now no reason to believe it will not be good…

  2. OK. I have a couple of commutes under my belt – (13 miles each way) and the saddle feels real good. Was worried about break-in time even though they say there is none. First commute I of course noticed the edges a bit but by day two I have stopped thinking about the saddle altogether. Will continue to commute on it this week and try to get in a longer (for me) 35 mile ride soon enough.

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