WiPy 2.0 and Atom

Yesterday I posted how the WiPy 2.0 and Atom had trouble connecting over IP address and that USB worked great. Well no more. Today for no apparent reason the connection is wonky. Code runs, shows in console, exits and goes to REPL prompt. >> Can’t type in console at that point, reconnect does note reconnect, reset device, code reruns as console show output. Can’t sync, won’t connect……blah 1 hour wasted.

PyCom says they have PyMakr plugin for other editors, cool. Loaded up Sublime, no PyMakr to be found in package list (assuming that’s where it would be but just guessing because PyCom docs are less than accurate.

Next up PyCharm …wait not ready yet according to recent forum post…

I have a brick!

OK, looks like for whatever reason repl>> command line is busted.  Does not work in Atom and or in screen /dev/cu.ser…. mode.

I will have a look some more tomorrow but as far as I can tell – PyCom is not ready for prime time.

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