Slow Frame Building Progress

Not a lot going on in the frame building front. Working on getting an alignment table figured out before I can go much further. Will probably not get the frame complete by the time I go to the Handmade Bicycle Show in Feb.

First Lugged Joint – Bottom of Head Tube / Down Tube

My first brazed lug! I bit more brass than I probably needed so the cleanup was a bit much. I do think that the penetration of the joint was good though. I did some cold setting on it and it did not flinch. Overall I am pleased with the newbie attempt.

Going to find a source for “blemished” lugs so that I can practice a whole lot without breaking the bank.

Getting Down Tube Length – Frame Layout

With the bottom bracket / seat tube down I can pull the down tube length from the drawing. Carefully aligning the frame over the drawing with the help of a machinist square and v-blocks I can now scribe the lines where the down tube intersects the bottom bracket. Also note, only the lug is only attached to the head tube at this point.
With the frame aligned about the drawing I can scribe the lines where the bottom bracket and down tube intersect. Notch out the lines and the down tube length is done.

Frame Building -ST/ BB Weld Done!

The seat tube is brazed in the bottom bracket shell. I can start pulling off the rest of the dimensions from the drawing. I am using a reasonably flat surface from and old cast iron table saw.
The brazing is not cleaned up yet. Will work on that soon. Also, it is a pretty messy joint but seems to be solid which is what I am most worried about for now.

Frame Drawing – Using the Paterek Method

Drawing out the first frame. Pretty much completed the drawing so I can get my final tube lengths and cut the final miters.

Head tube – small frame so lugs are pretty close to one another.

Bottom bracket shell will dictate the angle of the down tube. I am struggling with final alignment of lugs/tubing but I think a lot of cold setting and lug prep will do the trick.

Drafting Table up and Running

Went old school and picked up a drafting table to hand draw my bicycle frames on!

Details and pics coming soon…

Finish the Notch

File the finishing touches on the tube. This is the most tedious part of all but the snugger the fit the less chance of frame distortion.

Rough Scribed Lug

Hard to see the scribe line in the picture but it is there. Grinding/Filing to the line is the next step.