Monarch CK Lathe

Been keeping an eye out for an upgrade to my Sheldon 10 EXL 56-P. Eyed this one on semi local Craig’s list with some not to great photos but was able to tell it was a Monarch.

Monarch Lathe as Pictured on Craigslist

From the pic I thought it would be way to big for me but really could not tell for sure. Few inquiries to the poster and in fact a Monarch CK – 12×30. Big yes, too big?.. not sure so we setup a visit. Kinda like saying I am going to the animal shelter to look.

Was able to run her through all the spindle speeds and a wide range of feeds without issue. Used saddle lock method of checking any drastic wear on the ways…also without issue. Visual inspection of rack, feed screw and overall condition passed scrutiny as well. Drove home and obsessed about it for several days and researched as much as I could about these machines.

Did not get the chance to open the head stock cover – obsessed about that for sure although was comforted by the fact that the run through all the spindle speeds was remarkably smooth.

Specs for the CK (CK stands for 12″ Model C)

One of the most intimidating part of the purchase decision was the weight. I have not moved anything over one ton. Most machines in my shop are 900 to 1300 so all my previous acquisitions I was able to handle by myself. I have capabilities to lift up to 1 ton max so this move was going to take some additional planning.

Fair amount of info on the internet – not to mention Monarch Lathes appears to have pretty much all the info you could imagine for these machines as well as the ability to make just about any part necessary from the original specs. Justifiably pricey but comforting to know if you really get in a jam there is a way out.

Vintage Machinery has a fair amount of info and it so happens Keith Rucker does a complete series of a Monarch Restoration (larger and newer Model K but great process). Adam Booth Abom79 on Youtube has the bigger brother to the CK — The CY I think. Comforting to know that these two are Monarch fans and are such good resources.

Well after all things considered I bit the bullet and did the deal! I am the proud new owner of a 1944 Monarch CK!

Cabinet Fever Expo

Could not help myself when this shop made cabinet came up for bid at the 2020 Cabin Fever Expo. Got lucky and fit under a machine base that had a makeshift set of storage that I never was that thrilled with. Almost the same color green and fit like a not so good fitting glove but way better than before.

Baldor 1/3HP Grinder – Done Enough

Finished up the Baldor Model 610 – Not typically my style to paint but it was far enough gone that it needed it. Fun little project – going to start working on cleaning up a older Rockwell Double Carbide Grinder Soon .. actually underway but will post some pics shortly.

Baldor 1/3 hp Bench Grinder Cleanup

The recent Foley Belt Sander/Grinder went so well I could not help myself.  Eyed this one from the roadside at local residence close to home.  Been exposed to the weather for almost too long.  Plugged her in and she fired right up and in classic Baldor form took 10 minutes to stop spinning after turning off.  Was not going to re-paint but now I am in deep so what the heck.  Came apart relatively easily (nice to work on quality products).  Missing side covers – may have to make some or deal without.

Foley Belt Sander Grinder Model 371

Nifty little 1×42Belt Grinder/Sander made by Rockwell for Foley.  It is basically the same as the Rockwell 31-350.  Freebie from a barn clean-out (Thanks MB!).  Took some scouting around for replacement wheels but alas a shout out to James Liechty ( who has sourced replacement pulleys and other parts for these and offers them at very reasonable prices.

Took her apart, cleaned up all the saw dust cake, installed new wheels for sanding belts, replaced one v-belt pulley, replaced the power cord (not done yet) and that was pretty much it. My initial thoughts when it showed up were it was pretty flimsy construction and the plastic wheels made me skeptical but all those thoughts have passed now that it is up and running.  Runs great, hit a few pieces of metal with it, no problem.

Refurbish Complete
Refurbish Complete


First Plunge Type Form Tool for Lathe

Messing around on the turret lathe got me re-interested in creating some forming tools.  I have watched enough videos to be dangerous and gave it a shot.  First tool is pretty crude but I was glad to see it cut as well as it did.

Cut shape on mill with tapered end mill and finished up on a grinder. Got cherry red with torch and quenched with water (I know, more work to do studying heat treating – but it cuts). Finish not great but I spend zero time on the honing/sharpening.

Rivett 918s Second Tool Post

Created adjustable sub-plate for tool posts I picked up recently at the Cabin Fever Expo.  May need some additional modifications but has adequate travel to situate the form tools that I want to play with.  Simple plate with slots to allow adjustment over the work piece.  Don’t need much travel as the form tools will stay as close to the spindle as possible.

Tricky part of the second operation lathe is getting front and back tool post in sync.  Also, depending on some of the tools I use in the turret it require sthe cross slide to be pushed up pretty close to the spindle.  Hence they typically come with factory installed risers and corresponding tool post.


Rivett 918s – Added Knurling Capability

Brown and Sharpe 210-120 Knurling Swing Tool.  Nice addition for the Rivett 918s.  Takes 5/8″OD – 1/4ID – 1/4″ Width Knurling Wheels.  Came with the “fine” diamond (male or female tbd).  More wheels to come and and a bit more studying.  Great document for anyone playing with knurling  Reed Machinery – Knurls and Knurling has been a great help.

The swing tool is interesting.  The swing allows the placement of the knurl on the part to be flexible.  Single wheel limits patterns formed by multiple wheels but diamond patterns available so not a worry.  Initial test shown above – not too shabby.  Need to work on the push bar that contacts the swing arm, just pushed it with the cross feed plate for now.