Smith Motor Wheel and Dayton Motor Wheel





Rare to see a Smith Motor Wheel so I took some pics.  As I was taking pics someone started talking about a Dayton Wheel.

Great examples of each.  The Smith mounts on the back wheel while the Dayton is mounted to the front.

Good day at the Coolspring Power Museum. 

Bottecchia Fixed Gear Project – Color Photos

Damn camera had “Blue Tint” set in the last few pics… sorry about that but here are a few color pics of the cleaned frame.

Cleaned up Bottecchia
Closer Look at Chrome Lugs and Fork Crown - not to mention the faded top tube.

Early Bottecchia (1969?) Fixed Gear Conversion Project.

First stages of stripping down early Bottecchia and cleaning frame and chrome.  Removed bottom bracket (what an ordeal that was) and repacked fork.  Ordering new Italian BB for it and digging up cranks soon.

As Found at Yard Sale
Closer Look at Surface Rust on Headset and Fork Crown

Bottecchia Cottered Crank (coming off soon)

Bottecchia Head Bagde - Pretty Clean Chrome Lugs and Fork Crown
Frame Cleaned and Chrome Polished

ALAN Bicycle Restoration/Clean-Up Complete

Finally took some time today to finish up the long overdue completion of the 1979 ALAN Road Bike restore/cleanup.  Came out really nice and clean.  Actually much nicer than I expected.  Can’t wait for the weather to change to take it for a spin!

1979 ALAN Bicycle Cleaned Up Nice!

Thanks to Wayne Bingham at VeloClassique for all his help and for supplying the hard to find bicycle parts to finish off the project.

Also learned a lot about truing wheels with this project thanks to Wayne.

1979 ALAN Bicycle
1979 ALAN Bicycle - Cleaned up and Ridable!

Used some very cool CLB Cable Housing that I got from Velo Classique.  It comes in a variety of colors… I selected the blue of course.

1979 ALAN Handle Bar View
1979 ALAN Handle Bar View - Nice Velox Bar Wrap!
1979 ALAN Road Bike Head Shot
1979 ALAN Road Bike Head Shot - Forgot how cool exposed brake cables look.

Alan Frame Cleaning up Nice!

Alan is getting close to finished.  Got it pretty damn clean and added some vintage decals.  Next steps clean up the wheels and finish assembly.  Thanks to Wayne Bingham for all his help!

Here are some pics….cleanalan