First tube notch on mill

After some light cleanup to the notch (1 inch tube to 1 1/8 inch tube at 90 degrees) it came together real good.  Next steps to cut more notches and create a bunch of pieces to practice my brazing.  Also, need to cut at angles.  More to come…

Fork dropouts – Clean up



Cleanup still in progress but overall happy so far.  What have I learned?  Need to be more carefull with brass and try to keep away from hard to clean/file/sand spot.  Will prep dropout more before brazing as well.

Bicycle Fork Progress



Brazed in the drop outs.  Slotting was a bit tricky but went well enough.  Going to buy some stock for practicing that process more.

Next steps:  cut blades to length and test the fork jig my nephew built for me.

Progress on Fork Blade Bender





Made good progress on fork blade bender this weekend.  Got machined dies back from machinst buddy!  Still some work to do on backing dies and calibration but bent a set anyway.

Once setup I should be able to bend both at once.  Already had the Hossfeld Bender for other fab work so what the heck.

First set turned out good enough for the newbie.

Bicycle Alignment Post

Got my alignment post back from a local machinist!  I had a piece of scrap stock from a front end loader that turned out perfect.  Drilled a hole in the table (well two holes, first one did not work out so well as the unpinnings of the table got in the way). Did some final measurement with a machinist square to ensure it was precise and all is good.

Bicycle Frame Alignment Post
Close up view of alignment post.
Alignment Post Mounted on Table
Alignment Post attached to Table
Alignment Post with Frame Installed
Close up of alignment post with frame installed.
Bicycle Frame Alignment Table
De Rosa Too Far Gone for Alignment but shown here to demonstrate the complete alignment table.

Bicycle Fork Jig and Alignment Table

The shop had to get worse before it got better.  Spent some holiday time getting shop reorganized to fit a surface plate I found up in York, PA at Hildebrand Machinery. It is a nice (a little bigger than I wanted) 36″x66″ and weighs in around 800 pounds.  Will start working on the fixtures sometime soon.  It is short too… need to work on a base although I might keep it short to prevent my from using for something else or piling crap on it…

Also got a fork jig from my nephew Lucas!  He is a highschool machine shop student and has the bicycle bug much like me.

Bicycle Fork Jig

Surface Plate in Truck with Extra "Mini" plate

Alignment Table in Shop - With help of Tractor and Pallette Jack

Fork It! – Creating my first bicycle fork

Got some supply from the good folks at Nova Cycles.  Got a couple of crowns to play with and enough material to build 4 forks (hoping to get at least one out of it).

My nephew is building a fork jig for me which should show up soon.  Certainly will add pics of that when it arrives.

Also, the quest for building a fork blade bender starts now.